Taper! Anticipate! Stress!

I’ve been negligent on my blog, but there’s a pretty good reason for it. 😉

Let’s start catching up by mentioning the “taper.” This past week/weekend started my tapering for the big race. The last weekend in September was my last for some long rides. I had a great ride with some 508-veteran friends of mine, followed by a long solo ride the next day. Then it was just slowing down and taking it easy. I did 5 hours yesterday, which was great, followed by a (very) deep-tissue massage. And today, an even shorter ride to help settle everything down.

So, it’s all down to the final logistics at this point. I got both my bikes (the Cervelo R3 and the Jamis Xenith SL) into the bike shop for a final clean and tune by my awesome mechanic/bike shop owner/friend/crew member Rob Mardell of La Dolce Velo bikes in San Jose. I’ll get new tubes and tires on both, as well as a new battery for the Polar Heartrate Monitor/Computer. And I’ll pick them up Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning when it’s time to start planning for the big getaway.

I wish I was calmer. I’m stressing over the finances and logistics. There are so many small details; so many little expenses that siphon off a few dollars here, a few more dollars there.

Next up are the final preps and plans. Tuesday/Wednesday night will be the grocery shopping. I have to buy a cooler for the crew van still, which I’ll be renting Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon/evening, I’ll be prepping the van with my signage, as well as packing up. Then Thursday it (finally) will be time to pack up the van and head South. Having been through this process a few times, I am well aware of the sense of “inertia” that takes place this week. I know each day is packed with a lot of planning and details. Saturday morning will get here way too fast.

I’m trying to keep the stress to a minimum. I’m trying to just stay cool and zen about the whole process. I escaped last night for a very long drive up the coast. There’s been an unmistakable pull to just go be isolated and shut off the thoughts, so it was good for me.

Santa Clarita is right there. The start line is waiting. I’m nervous. I’m as prepared as I can be. I won’t say I’m “ready.” But I will say I’m ready to start.



  1. Lori Olsen Said:

    I am so excited and nervous for you! Whatever the outcome, the sense of accomplishment should be in the forefront of your mind! For what it’s worth, I am in awe of your tenacity. I will be tuned in via your link. Be careful, but most of all, enjoy every minute of it…you have earned it!

    • zombee508 Said:

      After talking with my coach last night, I’m feeling much better. There just are so many things to think about; so many different ways for things to go wrong OR right. 🙂 I’m so ready to get started. Thanks, again, for all the support. I appreciate it. Hopefully, I’ll have a picture at the finish line in just a couple days!

  2. Bill Zimmerman Said:

    Hi Rob,
    I hope you’re doing OK. I guess we passed you in Panamint Valley….I was asleep but our guys said they saw you before the turn to Towne on the side of the road.
    You know you can nail this thing…..you’ve got to come back and settle the score.
    Best regards,
    Bill (Western Wood Pewee)

    • zombee508 Said:

      Hey, Bill.

      That was the beginning of the end for me. I made it halfway up Towne Pass before everything shut down. I’ll be back.

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