Labor Day Getaway

I’m packing up my Cervelo (it’s nice to have 2 bikes so that one of them can become the “travel” bike.) and heading to Southern California.

I’ve been so incredibly stressed the past few weeks, that getting out of Dodge is about the most appealing thing I can do right now. It’s a little stressful since Monday is a holiday. It means a drive back of 6-7 hours followed by an 8-hour bike ride. But the ability to just getaway and not focus on the amazing amount of work I’m doing is well worth that particular sacrifice.

I’m looking forward to being able to ride my bike in a different location. I’m looking forward to spending time focusing on people rather than on deadlines. I’m looking forward to the road trip. Well, I’m really looking forward to a lot of different things.

I’m hoping to get some real rest and sleep, even though I’m away from home. As Oct. 8 gets closer and closer, I find it harder to stay focused on anything but the start line of The 508. I need a break!


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