Field Test

I got my schedule from Michael Emde this morning. Because of some prior commitments, I’ve not been able to train much the past few days. Next week, though, I have my field test to look forward to. I’m always nervous before these explosive efforts. Basically, I have to ride as hard as I can for 20 minutes, then take a 20 minute rolling rest, then hit it again as hard as possible for the next 20 minutes. When I finish, I take the data from those two 20-minute efforts and get max heart rate, average heart rate, max cadence, average cadence, distance covered, max speed, average speed, power output, etc. Emde then takes all that data and crunches numbers to devise the best way to get me from here (which is slightly out of shape and with a huge goal ahead) to there (in shape, skinny, powerful, and ready to tackle The Furnace Creek 508) in 8 months or so.

Time, she is a ticking!


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